Coffee farming: where does it get its nutrients?

Where does coffee get its nutrients? The answer is basic, and you may know it, but other factors intervene. Find out everything in this post. Coffee extracts nutrients from the soil and its adjacencies to grow and bear fruit. Each of the elements involved in the nutritional processes of the plant provides special tributes and […]

Myths about the coffee expiration date

Myths and legends are present around each theme, and coffee is no exception because there are some myths regarding the expiration date of this drink. In this post, we clarify the doubts about what is true and what are false beliefs transmitted from generation to generation.  Coffee expires Contrary to what many think, the coffee […]

Coffee: the best gift for mom

Mothers transmit infinite love, and yours deserves the best on this special date. We know that it is impossible to give back all the sacrifice and dedication that every mom professes. Still, inviting her to drink an excellent coffee and experience a different day would be significant. Do you know what to give her? Coffee […]

Which are the liqueurs that can be mixed with coffee?

Coffee has a stimulating effect when mixed with liqueurs, as it captures looks, distills penetrating aromas, and is a delight when we taste these pleasures. When our favorite liqueur and coffee blend in a single glass or cup, the flavors melt together to give way to new and formidable ways to delight the palate. Like […]

How to flavor your coffee with new ingredients

Coffee can give more than 900 aromas and flavors that awaken the senses. One way to naturally enhance this wide variety of pleasant aromas is by incorporating spices or aromatic herbs. Certain types of coffee, such as chai, Turkish, or pumpkin, include spices in their recipes to provide unique flavors to the drink. Are you […]

Coffee cocktails for the winter

In winter, people choose to consume hot drinks. Coffee combined with certain liqueurs is ideal in this season because it contributes to warm the body, especially if you live in a place where the cold reigns.  Enjoy cocktails and coffee art by adding ingredients to make delicious coffee and alcohol drinks. Here we will teach […]

Coffee culture in different countries

Coffee is a delicious drink that has become extremely famous worldwide thanks to its potential benefits. Millions of people intensely enjoy the aroma and taste of good coffee.  Its consumption is conceived as a social act or spiritual ritual. Hence, it can be said that there is a coffee culture in every country in the […]

What is the meaning of Umami?

Umami is a word of Japanese origin, composed of two terms, “umai” which means delicious, and “mi” which translates to flavor. Umami is considered a mild and prolonged flavor caused by monosodium glutamate in coffee tastings. It is part of the group of basic flavors, bitter, salty, acid, and sweet. Below we give you more […]

Why is water quality important for good coffee?

The quality of the water is essential to prepare a good coffee. Contaminated, altered, or foul-smelling water negatively influences the final flavor of the cup. Keep in mind that when we brew coffee, we put 90% water, and if this proportion is not balanced according to the parameters or in good condition, the coffee will […]

What does coffee fermentation consist of?

Fermentation is a very old process applied in the coffee field to remove the mucilage of the grain. Today, producers can control the fermentation processes to improve the taste of coffee and give it a greater added value. Below, we explain this technique and its types to produce the best coffee. Learn about the different […]