Instant and ground coffee: which is better?

There is no doubt that coffee is our favorite drink, but what group of consumers are you in? Some choose ground coffee, and others prefer instant coffee; both versions are delicious, but each brings different benefits. We present the best of each so that you select and enjoy the one you like Difference between instant […]

How to flavor your coffee with new ingredients

Coffee can give more than 900 aromas and flavors that awaken the senses. One way to naturally enhance this wide variety of pleasant aromas is by incorporating spices or aromatic herbs. Certain types of coffee, such as chai, Turkish, or pumpkin, include spices in their recipes to provide unique flavors to the drink. Are you […]

What are the elements that influence the acidity of coffee?

Premium coffee must have the right level of acidity to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Acidity is a characteristic that causes pleasant sensations, being perceived through the tongue while stimulating the senses. The importance of acidity lies in its combination with the sweetness of the bean, getting a refreshing drink and intense flavor. The roaster […]

Tasting coffee: a new experience

When talking about tasting, people automatically think of wine, but anyone can do a tasting with any drink, although not everyone knows it. Coffee is no exception, and it is a practice that has been gaining ground in recent years. So in today’s article, we will cover the process of tasting coffee and its importance […]